Windhorse is the powerful force inside all of us – it is a brilliant, uplifted, exuberant energy capable of incredible power, hope and compassion. When we raise Windhorse we are evoking the greatest part of ourselves, willing it to come forth, to spread and grow infinitely to help all beings.




Amazing people of Ladakh,
Welcoming as the mountain air,
Hearts warm like the sun,
Penetrating my very being.

An event of great importance,
Indescribable and profound,
What this has meant to us all is impossible to express in mere words.

Forever engrained in all of us,
A story to be passed down for generations,
Already the stuff of legend.

To tell this amazing story,
Has been the honor of my life,
Under your outrageous skies,
I have found myself again.

Thank you for everything.


Look for the official DVD release at this year’s Kagyu Monlam from Karma Dupgyud Choeling Monastery


To Rinpoche,

I miss you terribly, each and every day.

With a sad heart I feel the loss and the distance, though the power of your example continues to shine in my mind.

With a heart full of joy I remember fondly your smile and laugh – contagious in their energies they inspired those around you and the world in its entirety.

With each waking breath I strive to continue to put what you taught me to work – I am only beginning to see but a sliver of what you tried to show me.

With a sad but glowing heart full of joy I remember the moments with you – for they will live on in my memories.

To share even a moment of this life with you Rinpoche was a blessing and a gift more precious than anything I could explain in words.

While I can never have another moment next to you, your glowing heart and open mind will always be with me.

To my teacher who taught by walking the walk,
Leading by example,
Never backing down from the truth,
Your willingness to go to the ends of the earth to teach us will never be forgotten.

It is with a sad heart full of joy that I can say I knew you in this life – however little that may be – it was a gift beyond measure.

It is with a sad heart full of joy that I say goodbye once more.

Like a light in the dark, illuminating the path for all of us, who could not see it alone.

A guiding light in the dark, opening my heart, showing me how to stand with head held high.

Rinpoche – thank you for always being my guide, a guiding light when all others have gone out.


Hope, Care, Going The Distance,
Never Give Up.

Team Work, Smile, Care,

Love Will Heal Your Heart.

Set You Free.

Share the Joy.

Together We Can.


Share Your
Love, Joy, Smile, Care

We Are Here For You Nepal

Share Your Heart


Our wounds will heal,
We can start to smile again,
We can travel any distance,
We can rebuild what is broken.

Together we are resilient,
Together we are strong,
Together we can start to heal.

All is not lost,
We are here for you Nepal.

With all our hearts,
Let us work together,
Together we can do anything.

If they need it,
Then there we shall go.

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