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I offer my work to the world, free of charge, so that all may enjoy and share in the incredible activity of the Dharma. Help me to fulfill my dream, in order to continue my work around the world I need your help! To finance my activity requires the support of our community – to involve all of you to share in the merit and activity to spread the Dharma. Even a small offering shares in the merit and connects us all further together.

  • SUPPORTING my activity and the work I do, allowing it be shared all over the world.
  • PARTICIPATING directly in the merit of spreading the Dharma, and the creation of photos and film that represent history in the making.
  • CONTRIBUTING through one time or recurring support pledges that allow for this project to continue well into the future.
  • CONNECTING our Dharma family from all over the world.

Thank you all for your support, let us all raise windhorse together!!


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