The Great Ideas Show – Bodhisattvas In Action
BIA Bodhisattvas In Action is a brand new foundation in Nepal that is truly changing the face of public service, led by the amazing Chogyal Rinpoche, a refreshing and inspirational message of action and compassion to help those who are truly in need. By giving our differently-abled friends real skills in creating traditional art, we can help them forge new lives of purpose and benefit, while helping them to preserve the culture of Nepal and instill in themselves a true sense of self worth.

My last trip to Asia bore unexpected fruit – I was invited by Chogyal Rinpoche to come to Kathmandu to attend and help for his upcoming event – The Great Ideas Show, and for a few days I was whisked off to Kathmandu full of excitement. Having met Rinpoche in Shar Minub and this year’s Monlam I had been immediately impressed with his presence, energy and dedication – a true man of action, who is also extremely well schooled in Dharma as well as being completely open to all sorts of ways of looking at life – both spiritual and non-sectarian views which I found very refreshing, especially for a Tibetan Rinpoche. After spending just five minutes with Rinpoche at his orphanage in Swayambhu, (where he cares for over 100 children) and hearing him speak about his Bodhisattvas in Action, I was beyond impressed, and totally hooked to do anything and everything I could to help his project. What followed was a whirlwind of activity – being in Rinpoche’s presence is truly amazing, he is constantly moving forwards, planning and meeting, finding ways to make every minute of his day count towards his goals, while always being extremely open and approachable, he is the essence of determination. Upon having an idea he immediately makes moves to put it in place, many times in the span of an hour an idea would become reality – coming from a world where Dharma can many times be met with ancient traditions and the strong tendency to move slowly, Rinpoche is one wave of energy after the other, making decisions and putting them into action in one smooth, swift, tactile motion. During a long, involved, and extremely enjoyable conversation – and over a simple cup of coffee and a handshake we agreed to start a new BIA program this summer: one that I would be directly involved in – teaching the differently-abled people of Kathmandu photography, video, and audio engineering, and thus BIA Studios was born. This project is already underway, now with many volunteers coming to help, as is usual with Rinpoche’s projects, those who come to understand what he is trying to do immediately want to become involved, and now our BIA Studios project has a location, is already generating great work and benefit – and is being prepared for a whole range of great upcoming projects.
On January 3rd 2015 an event was held at the Hardik Hotel in Kathmandu, in which over three hundred differently-abled friends were in attendance, along with public news and television, and HOPE Magazine. The event: The Great Ideas Show – an opportunity for the public to come and present their ideas and inspirations to help create new BIA programs, and at the end of the day seven new BIA programs were founded, 150 new jobs created, and the path for the future of BIA, and for the differently abled people of Kathmandu, became even brighter. BIA is giving those without hope a chance for a life with meaning and purpose, instilling in them their own self worth, creating lives that are fully independent and able to support themselves, and helping to create real, extremely high quality traditional artworks while helping to preserve the culture of Nepal at the same time.

A brand new video from Dharma.Imagery.Project and BIA Studios – featuring all original music, with the guest vocal talents of Thinley Kunchap and Shia Asaka on “White Cloud” – I proudly present “Bodhisattvas In Action – The Great Ideas Show”

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