“A Guiding Light”

To Rinpoche –

Like a great boulder peering out over the valley below, surveying the land with it’s powerful concentrated gaze, all seeing, forever imprinted and established on the landscape, a monumental force of insight and courage, as if created by the earth itself, immovable and immune to discrepancy, you were like a foundation for us all. When one was needed to stand above the rest, to move when we couldn’t, to force out the best in all of us through inspired words and actions, you stood alone. Crazy wisdom, or wisdom crazy – why is it that only in hindsight can one truly appreciate that gifts one has been given? How could it be that through your passing from this world you have only grown stronger in my heart?

When I faltered, gave in and gave up, when the light seemed at its most weak and retreated state, you were there, beside me, a figure of solid luminance and power. For a long time my life has been aided and guided by your intentions and advice, a gift whose worth cannot easily be measured, for it is far too great and profound to be counted or explained in words. I am, only now coming to understand the great imprint that you have left in me, for my life has been forever changed by your presence, a path set out for me unlike anything I could have ever dreamed for myself. A grandiose adventure of the most incredible qualities, full of richness and joy, sorrow and learning, light and dark, ups and downs, to deem this life full would be the understatement of my lifetime. Helping me to understand that to truly live one must be willing to risk it all, to stand for one’s beliefs and let one’s heart truly create your path, only when you are truly honest with yourself can you be truly honest with the world – and it is then, and only then that the world will open and bloom.

To share even a moment of this life with you Rinpoche is a blessing and a gift more precious than anything I could explain, and while I can never have another moment next to you, your glowing heart and open mind will always be with me, ever expanding and powerful, seeming only to gain its strength as time continues on. To my teacher who taught by walking the walk, leading by true example, never backing down from the truth, your willingness to go to the ends of the earth to teach us will never be forgotten. Like a light in the dark, illuminating the path for all of us, who could not see it alone. A guiding light in the dark, opening my heart, showing me how to stand with head held high. Rinpoche – thank you for always being my guide, a guiding light when all others have gone out.

Color Y Luz – The Exhibition

It is finally here! My first exhibition of my work, now open to the public, and I couldn’t be more honored and excited to be presenting Kudung: A Journey of Color and Light collection to the world, for the first time ever, printed in large format, and displayed in the art gallery at the amazing Stupa de Benalmádena. This journey signifies so much for me, for all of us, the final pilgrimage of our great teacher – Shamar Rinpoche, as his Kudung made the journey from Germany to Kathmandu for his cremation last summer. These seven weeks were a huge stepping stone of growth for me, as I was forced to stand beside the body of my teacher as all came to pay their last respects, continuing to work the entire time, to try and bring this event, its ups and downs, waves of emotion and sadness for us all, and my own personal feelings home to those who couldn’t join us along the way, all the while attempting to remain composed and not fall to pieces. This opportunity has been the single most rewarding and adventurous of my life – I couldn’t have imagined anything like this for myself beforehand, and now that it’s passed, I couldn’t possibly have ever wished for anything more, as this was truly a once in several lifetimes event, and I was given a front row seat, and given the opportunity to try and help others to join us for something truly remarkable. Seeing firsthand the incredible impact that Rinpoche had on all who ever came into contact with him has left me genuinely baffled, even after his passing his teachings and his presence remain – forever amplified – as his powerful spirit and incredible heart truly touched this world, and in his passing, brought us all together, more so than anyone could have ever imagined. From Renchen Ulm to KIBI, to Kalimpong to his final resting place in Shar Minub Nepal, the seven week journey of the Kudung has forever changed me, to my core, I am humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude for Rinpoche’s impact on my life, and for his never ending gifts to our world.

This collection of photos is now on display in the gallery in Benalmadena. The gallery will be up all summer long: starting with the incredible journey of the Kudung and ending with this years amazing and colorful Kagyu Monlam, brought together with my music, video and writing, a journey of Color and Light. I am so deeply thankful to all who have helped to make this dream a reality, to Maggie, Anna, and Galu for their never ending support and dedication to this project, for without them this would absolutely not be possible, and for allowing this event to take place in their amazing stupa brings me so much happiness I cannot explain it in words. With my deepest gratitude, I present the Kudung journey to you, a journey of Color and Light!

Here is a brand new video as a digital walkthrough of not only the gallery in its finished state, but a look behind the scenes during the buildup process. Color Y Luz, The Making Of…




Kudung: The Five Part Audio Visual Journey

From the journey of the Kudung from Germany to Nepal for the Rinpoche’s creation, the five part audio visual journey. This entire collection is also on display as a part of the Color Y Luz gallery in the Stupa of Enlightenment in Benalmàdena Spain. From Dhagpo Media ©2014

The all original soundtrack is also available as a limited edition CD only available from the stupa giftshop. All proceeds go to benefitting the Stupa and allowing its Dharma activities to continue. As a special gift I have made the CD  available to listen online for free, please contact the Stupa directly for more information.

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El Retamar
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The Cover and More


Over the past few months I have begun to get emails and requests to use my photos for magazines, something that I really enjoy, as they come from all over the world, I get a chance to share my work with people from all over the world, and its still quite new and exciting as I haven’t ever done anything like this before. People are always startled when I tell them I give my work away for free – any Dharma use is good use as far as I’m concerned, and as the basis of my work and my dharma.imagery.project’s mission statement – giving what I do away is not only imperative to me – it also has given me such freedom, and opened so many doors that might have otherwise been closed. I have had the pleasure of working with many different groups, centers and individuals already, and being able to simply say YES! to any and all of these requests is just wonderully fufilling – and things seem to be just heating up! Coming from the West where everyone is in a dog eat dog – out for oneself and oneself only type of existence, I have found great pleasure, fufillment, and solice in being able to simply give things away without a second thought.
A couple different magazines have recently published issues dedicated to Shamar Rinpoche – and I have been very lucky to take part in whatever way I could – including an incredible cremation issue that came out a few months ago where quite a few pieces of my work were used inside. This month there have been two Diamond Way Buddhism magazines with my photo of Rinpoche on the cover – my favorite of Rinpoche no less – and not only that, but inside they have used quite a few other photos inside what is a beautiful and well thought out magazine. I am simply overjoyed to have been a part of this, and while I’m here in Spain preparing for my exhibtion opening a copy of one of these magazines from Poland was presented to me and I got to take a peek and see for myself. I am absolutely thrilled to see this in person, and I wish to thank the people from Diamond Way’s Buddhism Today magazine for including me in their projects, this and the others that I have taken part in have been more than a blessing for me, and to be able to offer these final photos of Rinpoche, in this case – from his final visit to Dhagpo, mean so very much to me. As these magazines are showing the final days of Rinpoche’s life, his final journey – and my exhibition is telling this story through my photographs, it seems only fitting to have received this today.
If you have a chance to grab one for yourself please do!





A Photograph Becomes Fine Art

I am so happy and honored to be a part of Frank Scheer’s work – many of you may have seen his iconic paintings – photos of great masters redone in his amicable style, and now I am so fortunate to be a part of this tradition. Frank chose my photo of Shamar Rinpoche entitled “Pure Vajra”, it is now finished and I couldn’t be happier with the final result, as this photo has such deep personal meaning to me, and I feel Frank captured all of this, while adding in much of his own style as well. Superb job Frank, and thank you so much for allowing me to take part in your great work!