A City Full Of Light – The Official Trailer


To The People of KKBC Singapore

Words fail me – when I try and express how I’ve felt sharing these past few weeks with you all. From the moment I arrived I was greeted and treated like a member of the family; everyone was glowing with enthusiasm, determination, warmth and humility, traits seldom found together and a feeling of coming home came over me. Working alongside the amazing volunteers and sangha, watching the event unfold like a well rehearsed theatre piece, I am simply beyond impressed with your hard work, dedication and willingness. It was an incredible honor taking part, and I simply wish to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for everything you did, for me, and for the turning of the dharma to happen so powerfully in Singapore. I only hope to come again soon, to be able to take part in any way I can, to be of support to your wonderful and ever growing community.
As words have never been my specialty, I hope that these few photographs, taken in KKBC in the preparation for His Holiness’ arrival can speak for me. Once again, to the people of KKBC, to the Sangha and community of Singapore , and especially to the ever wonderful Shangpa Rinpoche, I wish to say thank you, with everything I have.



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