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About Me

As an artist I am constantly in search of depth of expression – be it in a smile, shadow or light, a single moment frozen in time or a wall of sound enveloping the senses, a journey through immersion in sight and sound. My work is based on a continuing effort to bring the Dharma to this world through photography, video and music, and with it the naturally blossoming passionate expression of depth, color and light. Dharma has a unifying force of tremendous power – the direct teachings of the Buddha and the Sangha – the Dharma community, those who continue to teach and practice across the world. My work is dedicated for the support of this activity and community, my sincere wish being that I can continue to offer my art to the world.

In 2012, based on the advice of Shamar Rinpoche, I left my life in the United States and moved to Dhagpo Kagyu Ling to become a full time volunteer in the support of a Dharma Center. Since that time I have been extremely blessed to have found an incredible way to support the Dharma through photography and film. For these past five years I have circling the globe covering Dharma events, making movies and sharing them with the community entirely for free – my only wish. I feel that my work should be used, shared and given away so that the true power and wondrous activity of our teachers can be enjoyed by all. I have always kept this one rule, and due to the generosity of all I have been able to continue this work. Many have asked how to support my work, and now I have a way; for all who wish to contribute and participate in what I do. And so, now I am happy to announce that I am now on Patreon, the world’s most trusted way to support artists, so that they can continue to do what they love! With a monthly pledge you can directly fuel my work, my travels, and my ability to continue what I do without limits. I have dedicated my life to an ideal, and to my work, forgoing a traditional lifestyle and support system, but for this to continue I ask for your support and your help.

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Contact Me

Tokpa Korlo


+420 770 110 503