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My Name is Tokpa Korlo and my sincere wish is that I can continue to bring the Dharma to this world through photography, video and music. 

With your help, I can fulfill that dream.

While I do not enjoy asking for help, I have learned over the years that many people cherish the opportunity to take part in what I do. I am a working professional who has decided to use his life in support of Dharma, and I rely on donations, sponsors, and generous patrons to keep this work going.

You can support my work with a donation via Paypal or Bank Transfer, or please consider becoming a recurring supporter on Patreon, the world's most trusted way to support artists.

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You may also donate using the bank details below. 

Account No: 2701496327 / 2010

IBAN: CZ61 2010 0000 0027 0149 6327


PLEASE NOTE: All of my photos, videos, music and fundraising activities are completely independent of Karmapa and his Private Office, as well as Lama Ole and Diamond Way Buddhism International.

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