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The New Full LEngth Documentary is here!

Kudung tells the story of the extraordinary events surrounding the passing of one of the highest lamas in Tibetan Buddhism, the 14th Shamarpa. 2500 years ago the Buddha foretold, "In the future, a great being with a red crown will come to alleviate the suffering of many.” The incarnate lineage of the Shamarpas, also known as the red crown lamas, brought this incredible prediction to fruition.

Tens of thousands of people from all over the world joined in celebrating Shamar Rinpoche’s life, while his body made the journey from Germany where he died, to India and Bhutan, and finally to Kathmandu where he was cremated. The teachings and insight of this incredible teacher tangibly permeate the narrative, intertwined by high ranking Buddhist lamas who knew him best, as well as the filmmaker, who shares his own fascinating journey of life changing personal evolution.

A great teacher's final voyage, the passing of a titan. Through the words and faces of those who knew him, their devotion expressed in an extraordinary mixture of joy and sadness. This is an insider’s look at the ritual, magic and power of Tibetan Buddhism, told through incredible photography, original music, chanting, rituals, and tales of transformation.

Look for the world premiere in early 2023!


"An utmost beautiful movie about the story of Shamar Rinpoche’s last travel right after his passing, greatly shaped by the wonderful Tokpa Korlo. A must-watch for all those who knew him, but also those who want to hear more about Buddhism in east and west."

"Incredible movie with great footage and music. Well worth watching and would recommend this to Buddhists and non Buddhists alike. It’s very inspiring and deeply touching if one knew Shamar Rinpoche."

"I am lucky to have been there for the premiere at KIBI. An amazingly wonderful movie. Thank you Tokpa Korlo!"

My Name is Tokpa Korlo and my sincere wish is that I can continue to bring the Dharma to this world through photography, video and music.

With your help, I can fulfill that dream.

While I do not enjoy asking for help, I have learned over the years that many people cherish the opportunity to take part in what I do. I am a working professional who has decided to use his life in support of Dharma, and I rely on donations, sponsors, and generous patrons to keep this work going.

Please consider contributing to my work by making a one time or recurring donation by clicking the logo below.

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PLEASE NOTE: All of my photos, videos, music and fundraising activities are completely independent of Karmapa and his Private Office, as well as Lama Ole and Diamond Way Buddhism International.

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